Spanios main product is a tumoroid platform, which is highly modern and sophisticated and creates a new way in immuno oncology research, avoiding animal testing.

Custom Organoid Modelling Platform for Accurate SolutionS (COMPASS) demonstrates its advantages. The complex tumor microenvironment of the original patient sample allows us to interrogate complex cellular relationships, activities, communications and beyond.

The goal: To create a hero image of the Spanios tumoroid and full booth artwork for the SITC 2023 conference in San Diego.

The video shows how tumoroids can be used to test different drugs and therapies for cancer, and how they can help researchers understand the complex interactions between tumor cells and the immune system. 

We generated accurate animated models of tumoroids – miniature copies of real tumors with a diverse structure, that include several cells in certain proportions – 10% fibroblasts, 40% cancer cells, 10% immune cells, 15% macrophages, and 25% tissue cells. In addition, we have demonstrated all the basic physiological mechanisms: pH changes, oxygenation, tumor cell death under the influence of drugs, etc.

The exhibition booth provider, Exhibit Boss LLC, provided us with booth characteristics and blueprints. The Nanobot team crafted the booth design. The main idea was to create a feeling of somebody looking inside the well with cells and tumoroids.

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