SilverLeaf Studios created this digital poster for TAP Integrative’s website detailing the physiological and histological differences among three types of skin cancers: Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Basal Cell Carcinoma and Melanoma.

TAP Integrative is a digital multimedia nonprofit educational resource that provides clinical information for integrative healthcare professionals in their continuing education. This poster is part of an ongoing collaboration between SilverLeaf and TAP Integrative to provide visual teaching materials for TAP members, as well as the opportunity to purchase additional materials to be used in clinical and educational settings.

The images created by SilverLeaf in conjunction with TAP Integrative cover various topics from mental health to dietary interventions to new treatments to affect a patient’s micro-biome. They can be purchased in printed form as posters or as patient-friendly pamphlets. View the entire online catalog here.

Russell Weekes, the artist behind SilverLeaf Studios, has created a wide number of images using both contemporary and traditional artistic techniques. His portfolio can be viewed here, and additional work can be found on his website.