Artwork created by Qingyang Chen (QCVisual) for a double-page spread in a science magazine. It is the first comprehensive illustration of the leading theories of microscopic mechanisms of disease of Reitnitis Pigmentosa. This illustration aims to capture the reader’s interest as well as communicate a lot of scientific information in a concise, approachable manner.

This piece won the Octavia Garlington Award for Outstanding Achievement in Instructional Print Media at the O.A. Parkes Symposium & International Student Conference in 2015 as well as an Award of Merit in the Didactic/Instructional – Molecular/Biological/Life Sciences category at the 2014 AMI conference.

You can see Qingyang’s full step-by-step process for creating this image here.

More of Qingyang Chen’s work can be seen through her portfolio and at


Tissue Cubes Study: This study depicts the temporal progression of retinitis pigmentosa and to learn the science needed for the final piece. Mediums used were graphite, pen and ink, ink wash, and Adobe illustrator. ©QCVisual


QCVisuals - Retinitis Pigmentosa