Trinity Animation has successfully created an informative promotional business video for one of the nation’s leading engineering, consulting, and construction firms. This intriguing promotional business video was created to  educate the Louisville public about the City of  Louisville’s riverbank filtration system.

Trinity’s artists created an easy to understand  illustration of the proposed water filtration system through the use of the engaging schematic animation.  Hence, the promotional business video produced for the client was then able to provide an overview of the natural process of filtration using this visual technique.

This is a 3D rendered image from the informational animation documenting the Ohio Riverank filtration system. This image displays an underground view of the collector wells and tunnels in action, accompanied by 3D words on each side of the image, labeling the components.
Underground elements are recreated and presented through Trinity’s simplified schematic style of animation. This particular image from the PR movie displays a collector well and tunnel in action with 3D words labeling the different components, providing viewers with a clear understanding.

Since much of the critical processes occur underground and since they do not lend themselves to standard photography, the explanation provided by Trinity’s promotional business video was critical to helping the general public understand the key features of the project. Trinity’s animators designed the PR movie to display the underground elements through simplified, schematic animations. The promotional business video to provided viewers, even those with no technical background, a clear visual that communicated the essential information about the process. Trinity’s client  also used the PR movie  to bring to life their plans for new structures: the  expansion the riverbank filtration system along the Ohio River with multiple collector wells. Compared to traditional engineering drawings or traditional photography, Trinity’s simplified animation visuals are much more effective in conveying engineering concepts to the general public in a style understood by a broad sector of the public.

This is a 3D rendered image displaying the ground along the Ohio river divided in half providing visuals of the underground elements
This image displays Trinity Animations ability to manipulate their 3D images to demonstrate the concept in a creative and abstract way such as dividing the ground in half to display underground elements.


This is a still image from a PR movie showing a birds eye view looking down at the Ohio river, featuring buildings emitting smoke in the lower right hand corner.
This image displays Trinity Animations ability to realistically render materials through 3D animation such as foliage, water, buildings, and smoke.

Trinity animators have developed an array of simplified animated objects, such as  buildings, trees, foliage, dirt, glaciers, clouds, underground collector wells/tunnels, and more. For example, in this PR movie there are many scenes that display a cross-sectional view of the Ohio Riverbank, revealing underground elements and demonstrating the water filtration system in the most effective way. This PR movie also incorporates several short clips of live footage displaying the Ohio River which helps anchor the visual display in the real world.

Additionally, at the beginning of this PR movie, Trinity animators created an attention grabbing intro that treats viewers to a striking visual of the Ohio River Valley surrounding the City of Louisville and depicting the glacial activity of the past few million years that carved out the valley. The PR movie then which the camera then delves into the specifics of the water filtration system. Other abstract 3D elements are included in the animation to provide clarity such as 3D lettering, which provides labels for many components, and animated particles or arrows that signify the direction of certain material, like water running through soil.  Combining realistic elements and simplified abstract images supports the ability of the PR movie to tell an effective story to its audience: the public.

This 3D rendered image from a PR movie displays a circular chunk of land that represents the City of Louisville's region. Half of the land is being engulfed by glaciers it is demonstrating what occurred over 2.5 million years ago.
This image displays a unique and abstract concept Trinity animators came up with to display a large region of land near the City of Louisville which depicts the spread of glaciers 2.5 million years ago.

Trinity’s client provided animators with a complete pre-recorded audio of the entire script along with basic instructions of what they wanted to be included in the PR movie. This PR movie was divided into three separate segments, which the client needed to work both standing alone as a single segment and as a series of three segments.  Trinity animators started with photographs, illustrations, diagrams, and reference videos so they could accurately transform the material into 3D animation and provide the client with the most effective PR movie possible for the client’s needs. Trinity’s artists contributed their artistic eye and story-telling ability to the final PR movie based on the material provided by their client.

This is a 3D rendered image of the riverbank dived in half providing an underground view. This scene displays the future collector well project to advance the riverbank filtration system.
A still from the PR movie depicting the addition of collector wells in order to advance the riverbank filtration system. This uses 3D lettering to label the components.

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