Outsource is a popular solution in IT, design and marketing, but it might come as a surprise to you that it is also widespread in the medical industry. It intertwines with design in medical animation and with IT in bioinformatics; it is in high demand in pharmaceutical R&D and biotechnology startups. In this article, we will review the benefits of outsourcing in comparison to in-house staffing when it comes to developing original ideas.

Outsource vs In-house

The Advantages of Outsourcing Content for Pharmaceutical Companies

Are you intimidated by the idea of hiring an external team of specialists for your project? This is especially difficult with creative tasks and medical animation studios since you don’t know how to ensure the artists are professional enough in the area. However, you can rest assured that the advantages of outstaffing significantly outweigh the potential drawbacks:

  • Lower overall cost. The services of professionals from Asian and Eastern European countries are guaranteed to be about five times cheaper than those in America while maintaining high-quality standards;
  • Gathering a top talent team tailored to your needs. When outsourcing, you get to work with the best experts in the field, all selected specifically for your task. In academia, it is very common for pharmaceutical companies to collaborate with universities, as with the case of AstraZeneca who have teamed up with the cancer center in the University of Texas;
  • Avoiding the pain of recruitment. By choosing to outsource, you save yourself the time and money that you would otherwise spend on finding the right people – the organization you’re partnering with does the job;
  • Declaring yourself on the market and attracting investors. Small businesses and biotechnology companies can benefit greatly by joining their forces with large academic institutions and well-known external agencies. Their names on websites’ front pages and in research papers will draw the attention of shareholders, other companies and best scientists in the field.

Outsource vs In-house

Things to Look out for When Outsourcing for a Pharmaceutical Company

Outsourcing is different in science compared to that in non-academic areas, especially regarding animation and design. You have to pay attention to additional factors, like whether there are doctors and scientists in the team and the team leader’s behavior at a medical animation kickoff meeting. Here are some more tips on choosing your pharmaceutical outsourcing team:

  1. Ask about their work methodology. It has to be concise and clear with a range of fixed standards to indicate how prepared they are to undertake a new project;
  2. Check out the list of their products and their clients’ feedback. Reputation is especially important in science;
  3. When working with an animation team, pay attention to their interactions during the initial medical animation production process and how coordinated the team members are;
  4. Find out if there is a science committee to evaluate the medical animation storyline and to validate the scientific detail of the work;
  5. Ensure the team has scientific proof as their top priority.

Outsource vs In-house

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