This week, the Medical Illustration & Animation Sourcebook highlights recent work from Quaint.

Illustrator: Quaint

Client: Geistlich Pharma

Project: This project was designed and developed for Geistlich Pharma, with coding by Juan Garcia Interaction Design and 3D models and design by Quaint.

From the artist: “Freshly honored with the 2024 Communicator Award of Distinction for an animated website feature, this unexpected application of medical visualization explores how a dentistry learning platform can be made more ‘human’ and engaging. We introduce Layla, your friendly dentist at the myGuide studio. She welcomes you and introduces Lucy, Amari, and Lee—three diverse dental patients who educate professionals on the latest best practices in regenerative dental medicine.”


Quaint – our design studio’s name and inspiration. As trained visualization experts, we merge charm, uniqueness, and precision to create visually appealing and effective communication. Our job fuels our love for learning. What can we discover in your project?