Meet Vanessa, our newest office assistant who has quickly become an invaluable member of the biolution team. With her keen attention to detail and organizational abilities, she ensures that everything runs smoothly, helping us stay focused on achieving our goals.

Aside from managing our office supplies and files, Vanessa is always ready to lend a hand to her colleagues. Whether it’s coordinating meetings or events or greeting visitors, she’s always a friendly and welcoming presence in the office.

Growing up, Vanessa was exposed to many languages and cultures, which has helped shape her curious and open-minded nature. With her diverse background, she brings a unique perspective to her role and excels in creative problem-solving. She’s also a budding filmmaker, having completed two diplomas in film and produced many videos in Vienna’s hip-hop scene.

With her professional experience in film production, theater work, and retail management, Vanessa is a valuable asset to our team. She fosters a positive and collaborative work environment, even during high-pressure situations.