We’re honored to welcome Dr. Emma Cheng to our Medical Illustration Program!

Professionally trained in both medicine and design, Emma transforms medical concepts into detailed works of art that allow even the most abstract complexities to be easily understood. 

Her graphic simulations reflect clinical and industrial experience in rehabilitation, general medicine, and cosmetic medicine, where each of her designs closely intertwine accuracy with creative novelty. For example, her recent conceptual artwork demonstrates the likelihood of contracting a virus through portraying skin layers as a slice of cake. 

Emma Cheng - Skin Layer Cake Illustration

Striving to make medical knowledge more accessible to everyone, Emma uses her skills in medicine and design to create a user friendly experience. Her presentations have won various illustration competitions, including the International Neurorehabiliation Thesis Competition and the Hiii Illustration Competition in 2015. In 2016, Emma co-founded Howbb, a medical information design company, and in 2017, she visited Stanford University for a biomedical innovation program. More recently, she’s served as the UX Design Director for the medical device startup MOCACare. Emma now spends her time freelancing for a wide range of medical illustration projects.

Emma’s techniques include animation, cartoon, design, and information graphics. Her subject specialties are anatomy, disease management, general medicine, medical devices, and natural science. Check out Emma’s portfolio for more work samples! 


Emma Cheng - Medicine Illustration    Emma Cheng - Brain, medial view illustration

Emma Cheng - Vitamin C Fruits IllustrationEmma Cheng -the 1st cervical vertebrae illustration