One year ago, we embarked on a mission to create leading-edge services in the global health sector, aimed at enhancing the quality of life and treating diseases, with the goal of improving human livelihoods. 

As a team, we wanted to change the world for a better place, and that’s why we declared our vision of helping 100 biotech companies to get to the market by the year 2030, which was eight years away at the time.

Now, one year has passed, and we would like to share our achievements from 2022. Despite the cunning war that russia launched against our homeland, we managed to evacuate and keep our team working, successfully helping to bring 21 breakthrough ideas and biotech startups, without abandoning a single project. This means that we have already accomplished 21% of our plan.

We are grateful to our clients for their trust and for joining our “100 till 2030” club.

Looking ahead, we have 12 months until the next year! We are searching for true innovators – brilliant scientists, and daring ideas that will change the world for the better! 

Let’s keep pushing forward towards a healthier and happier world, together!

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