G.Clips Biotech is a leading biotechnology company known for pioneering innovative solutions in membrane protein research. Their primary objective is to develop advanced techniques that stabilize, express, select, and validate membrane proteins in various conformations, focusing on pathology-like formats. Their cutting-edge technology aims to bridge the gap between traditional research methods and real-life physiological conditions, thus enabling the identification of promising drug and antibody candidates.

In this case study, we used motion design to showcase their groundbreaking technology that unravels the potential of drug and antibody candidates on membrane proteins.

Skilled animators and modelers utilized advanced software to create accurate 3D models of integral membrane proteins and their interactions with drug, antibody, and vaccine candidates.

Our team paid meticulous attention to detail to ensure that the animations closely mimicked real-life scenarios, providing a compelling visual representation.

You can view the entire case study here:


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