From the smallest proteins to life-saving surgical procedures, this medical animation reel showcases Trinity’s recent photo-realistic and illustrative medical animation and rendering. The video includes a mix of medical product marketing and beauty rendering, full process animations, and illustrative animations. Trinity creates stunning still images and movies for medical and nursing related authors, publishers, surgeons, and front-line heroes.

Trinity Animation has focused on the digital medical visualization industry in the last 5 years, building on it’s 25 years of experience in realistic visualization to develop work sampled to create this medical animation reel. Companies from around the world have come to the Trinity Team not only for their beautiful and true-to-life work but also because of the team’s experience and communication abilities. This demo reel is a great illustration of what powerful technology, experienced artists, and excellent communication can create. Stunning and crystal-clear animations can convey the story of a product or procedure with unmatched clarity. The ability to depict an “x-ray” view during an animation, where everything except the specific subject you’re wanting to see disappears into the background, is a key advantage that digital 3d visualization can offer. On top of this, medical animation can be particularly difficult to render. Getting skin and muscle to look accurate to life requires a lot of computer power. Unlike many other studios, Trinity Animation keeps and maintains its own top-of-the-line render farm, meaning the customer will not be paying extra, and waiting longer, for finished animations.

Trinity’s animators can help clarify your most complicated process or pharmaceutical mechanism of action with a compelling animation like those shown in this medical animation reel. The 3D imagery displays both microscopic elements and macroscopic processes with an unparalleled level of clarity. These animations can take viewers on an accurately simulated journey which provides them with a comprehensive view of the therapy or product. The same process can be viewed from many different angles, at differing levels of enlargement and at different speeds. One of the most important potential uses of a Trinity-made animation is the submission of an application to a government agency, such as the FDA for approval of a new drug. Once a comprehensive animation has been created it can be re-purposed for patient education materials, as well as promotional materials for the medical community. Individual frames of the animation can be selected and rendered at an appropriate resolution for print materials, or for display on a website, or at a medical society gathering.

If you’d like to see more of our medical illustration stills, we have a gallery on our website here.

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