Infographics are visual representations of information or data that concentrate on the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends. Not only do infographics allow knowledge to be absorbed quickly, but they also serve as a visual aid for viewers to connect dots that may otherwise not be presented as clearly. The following infographics by Tolpa Studios detail how color coding, reference icons, diagrams can be combined used to communicate a message.

Precision Medicine Infographic Tolpa Studios

The infographic above designed for Precision Medicine highlights how data can be gathered using tumor avatars, and then used to create custom medicine for a specific cancer patient.

ProxiMeta™ How it works infographic Topa Studios

This infographic depicts how ProxiMeta Hi-C metagenome deconvolution offers researchers the ability to identify high-quality, strain-level microbial genomes from a single sample, with no culturing or high molecular weight DNA extraction required.

Tolpa StudiosCoMotion Innovation Impact Navigation System


The infographic above designed for the University of Washington explains the school’s technology transfer process, encouraging innovators to participate in their CoMotion program by outlining the project start-up process.

Electronic Ears Tolpa Studios

This infographic designed for Electronic Ears demonstrates how their experimental device made from a cochlear implant helps treat vertigo.

While transmuting the research behind innovative ideas or multistep processes can sometimes be difficult, infographics clearly outline the moving parts of a larger picture. Infographics can be likened to a puzzle, where the picture only comes together when all its pieces are unified. As demonstrated above, infographics can be applied to a variety of topics ranging from medicinal procedures to community outreach programs.

Tami Tolpa, founder of Tolpa Studios, holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in medical illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art and a BA in Environmental Studies from the State University of New York at Binghamton. Some of her clients include Scientific American, Scientific American Mind, The Scientist, Technology Review, Harvard University, the University of Washington, Stanford University, and numerous biotechnology and life science companies. For more artwork samples by Tolpa Studios, check out their portfolio.