Sudden brain trauma can bring life changing and sometimes life ending situations.

Factual illustrations can aide the healthcare community in identifying affected regions of this complex, intricate, and ultimately vital organ.


Kevin A. Somerville


Depiction of the damage done to the frontal cortex of the brain due to blunt force trauma.


Catherine Delphia, MA, CMI


Intraventricular Hemorrhage in Children


Jennifer McCormick


Halo Pin Perforation
Detail of an animation showing the effect of over-tightening a halo pin: small vessels on the dura stretch, break, and bleed.


Susan Gilbert


Depicting inertial and contact injury


Science Source


A 3D illustration of whiplash, an injury caused by the sudden acceleration and deceleration of the head and neck. This type of injury is most commonly seen in rear-end motor vehicle collisions, resulting in hyperextension of the muscles and ligaments of the neck. There can also be damage to the cerebrum similar to a concussion as the head snaps back and forth, causing the brain to shift inside the skull.


Marie Dauenheimer Medical Illustration Studio

Marie Dauenhaimer Concussion

Lateral view of the brain in skull showing coup and contrecoup concussions.


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