I love my work — if you’re fortunate, you do too — and there are lots of reasons why.

My success is in my hands; I’m my own boss, make my own hours, and my dress code is PJs (sometimes!). My clients are global, they hire me repeatedly, recommend me in confidence, and the projects I work on span innumerable industries. But, sometimes, the material I’m working on and the creatives I’m working with are so well aligned that what happens in the recording session is nothing short of magic.

That happened recently with an online lending company that rebranded itself from Paramount Equity Mortgage Co. to LoanPal, an infinitely more friendly name and instantly definable brand. The outcome, this amazing video which demonstrates that I’m at my best when working creatively with others. I respond well to direction, and when the producer has a vision for how the voiceover should sound, together we create the voice they’re looking for.

The creative director was also the writer and the script had a playful tone, so we rolled up our sleeves to play hard in the sandbox. Once I saw the rough cut of the video, which was after we had recorded the script, it was clear that the visuals also had a sense of humor. Our second session to record the revised script was even more inspired because we had confidence in the text, the visuals, each other and in our shared mission.

Hopefully, the joy we felt in creating this comes across when you watch it. What’s the most fun you’ve had on the job lately? Share the love!