Medical illustration is typically priced per illustration. Factors that affect the cost include:

    • How many illustrations are needed? A discount may be given for large projects.
    • Will the illustration be in color or black & white?
    • How will the illustration be used? Is it for a print or multimedia distribution? Will it be used on the web? Will the image be used in a way that will be resold? What rights will be transferred?
    • How many times will the illustration be used?

It’s important to discuss all of these details at the start of the project. Without this information we can’t provide an accurate estimate. Sometimes a deposit payment will be requested to begin the project. All payment information is clearly written in the estimate before the project starts.

Is the estimate the same as the final cost?

No, the estimate is our “best guess” of what the project will cost using all the information that I have when I create the estimate. If more illustrations or views are introduced — or the project or usage of the illustrations dramatically changes — the cost will change too. We will always keep you apprised of any changes that might affect the final bill.

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