We are excited to announce our 3-tab lenticular, raised-relief model of Understanding the Effects of Heartworm Disease created for Boehringer Ingelheim. The client wanted to showcase how heartworm disease is a disease of the pulmonary arteries! The worms become lodged in the smallest capillaries of the pulmonary circulation and grow outward toward the heart, hence the nickname “heartworm.” The disease does not originate in the heart, which is a common misconception. We attempted to solve this with a lenticular front panel which shows the stages of disease progression beginning in the pulmonary arteries. As the consumer moves the panel, the worms progress toward the heart, through the pulmonary valve and into the right ventricle, eventually becoming intertwined with the chordae tendineae of the tricuspid valve. The tabs discuss the cycle of the heartworm, pathology of the canine, and most importantly prevention. Heartworm can be easily prevented so the client wants to educate the veterinarians and dog owners the dangers of heartworm disease so they act early to prevent infection. The back of the tabs have surgical photographs of the pathology. It is important for the veterinarians to understand the scope of the disease. Body Scientific created all artwork and content, reviewed by a canine heartworm expert and also the client’s medical legal review process. Body Scientific worked with partners overseas to develop the model, pass inspections, deliver on schedule, and ensure perfection in branding guidelines. Marcelo frequently travels overseas and is able to visit and work directly with the factories to troubleshoot any difficulties and make sure the quality meets BSI’s highest standards. AMI members were able to get a sneak peek of the model at this year’s salon in Newton, MA. We received a production sample just in time to submit it to the annual exhibit, showcasing the best of the best in current work by AMI members. You can view the online salon here. http://meetings.ami.org/2018/project/understanding-heartworm-disease/ This project is a great example of a custom medical promotional item. BSI has extensive experience bidding on projects and providing exceptional quality for mass production of a promo item. If you are interested in learning more about custom promo models, please contact us anytime.