At the beginning of any animation project, we ask ourselves: Which style should I choose? Which style do I like? Which style is best suited to the theme? Which style will I feel comfortable with?

The list of animation styles below is not definitive, rather it is a sampling of the most common and popular animation styles. By reading this list, you’ll get a basic understanding of animation styles and what applies to each, how they differ, and how to create them.

1. Flat animation

The flat design serves to make the information easy to perceive by eliminating redundant elements. Patient and physician portraits and storytelling look organic in it.

плоский дизайн

2. Lineart

The string style, like flat design, is easy to grasp and goes well with infographics. Minimalism, one object.

3. Pop-art

Popart or comic style is great for short, dynamic informational videos.

4. Stylized drawing

Good for conveying general information and introductory drama, adds “darling” to the video through hand-drawn stylization.

5. Inkdrop

A great option for a video with a long timeline and a quiet narrative pace.

6. Pixel-art

Allows you to create a creative insertion, simplifies complex processes, shows them in a playful way.

7. Liquid motion

A difficult technique to perform, designed to show the fluidity of processes, to focus the viewer’s attention on the transformation of one element into another.

8. Whiteboard

The simplest style that combines simplicity of execution and ease of perception.

9. Isometry

Isometry organizes a large number of elements in a single space. Ideal for demonstrating technical processes, routines, and rooms.

10. Frame animation

Classic animation, difficult to execute but emphasizes the emotional element in dramatic stories.

11. Low-poly

Stylish images of a wide range of objects: molecules, cells, organs, and even a portrait of the patient. This kind of video draws attention and is memorable.

12. Toon

Two-dimensional stylization of 3D graphics, attracts attention and interests the viewer.

13. Broadcast

A resource-intensive style suitable for creating a spectacular screen saver or inset. Popular in the CIS countries (Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan) and countries of the East and Asia (UAE, India).

14. Paper 3D

Low-poly variation with additional paper effects.


15. Pop-up

Dynamic 3D for short videos, also organically suitable for references and expositions.

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