Today’s market is getting increasingly filled with truly exciting, progressive news and trends spawned by biotech companies, startups, and projects as a whole. The industry is certainly gaining momentum in terms of widespread popularity and demand, but it is still quite challenging in its own right to promote biotech-driven news and get them to headlines. These include the following.

Delivering news releases timely

The biotech industry is an in-depth regulated one, which means that on top of standard procedures, project finalization and time-to-market are also affected by time-consuming tech approvals. The ultimate pro tips to accelerate internal project finalization:

  • Watch the size of your content drafting teams – the more people there are, the more potential pre-release news changes will be taking your project time;
  • Establish firm relationships with legal partners – this one comes in as quite obvious because you will need timely legal assistance in order to speed up approval;
  • Always conduct thorough planning – this should concern all the underlying programs and communications and take place as early on as possible;
  • Involve a disclosure committee – a dedicated gathering of disclosure specialists should help accelerate your news releases crafting process as well;
  • Sync terms and processes with partners – if you are working on a joint or “multi-financed” project, keep in mind that your project partners lead separate workflows that will affect your news release scheduling and you should synchronize this moment for faster results.


Getting the point across

Let’s be frank, biotech can be a pretty difficult and cumbersome concept to grasp for PR people and, especially, for a wide audience of news-watchers. Unfortunately, this is so even when it comes to quite common biotech-related stories. That’s why you should put more effort into tailoring an attention-grabbing, exciting subject matter (you can dramatize all you want, mention the ultimately life-improving properties of biotech in a more sentimental yet down-to-earth manner. 

Analyze your audience

Stuff related to biotech is usually focused on quite an extensive audience of people that may have various levels of scientific expertise and savviness or none whatsoever. What it comes down to is that you need to craft a story that would engage and excite people across multiple target audience segments. But you shouldn’t overdo it either – nobody cancelled the golden rule of keeping it simple in order to really conquer hearts. 

Try creating an utterly simplified base story and add more precise, expert content on top of it, extending it without both embellishing and underdoing it.

Keep international TAs in mind

Yet another specific moment in promoting biotech innovations is the common need to work with extensive global audiences. And this requires a wholly separate approach and workflow. Thus, you should cover all the regions you cover to any extent with your project, working on proper localizations, providing translations opportunities where needed, and granting other respective customizations. It’s best to make this a full-blown stage of your project plan.

Consider the current market environment

Right now, the biotech industry generates a huge volume of news pitches for eager reporters to highlight. And you know how difficult it can be to earn the widespread demand when the offer is huge and intense. You can get your biotech innovation to the headline in a reasonable time if you have some media people by your side so focus on building these relationships early on. Otherwise, you can hire a media agency that will provide you with dedicated professionals at a certain rate. This will be an especially relevant effort for biotech startups or companies that are only starting out in the industry.

Here’s also a bunch of pro tips on top of that:

  • Remember the rule – keep it simple so as even a high school pupil could make out all information delivered in your news release;
  • Use direct words, avoiding terms and constructions that may need further interpretation and keep special terms to a necessary extent to make your copy universal;
  • It is always great if you reinforce your message with analogies, especially visuals that help make out the story in a more in-depth manner;


Infographics, various images, animations, videos, and other eye-catching elements, especially the dynamic and/or interactive ones, should both make it easier for reporters to cover your news piece and make your content stand out.

Describing and explaining biotech specifics

As noted above, various visual assets should certainly help boost the attractiveness of your news piece. However, elements like infographics, graphs, explaining audios, data charts, etc. serve an even more important purpose in highlighting biotech innovations – the descriptive one. Various rich media additions are your trusty tools for delivering clean tech information to non-tech savvy masses. 

Using SMM techniques for biotech promotion

Same as getting your point across to a mass audience of people, promoting biotech news features on social media poses quite a challenge. Make sure to keep in mind all the above tips about keeping your content simple and descriptive, but on top of that – don’t forget about the regulatory rules of the industry. Here are some pro tips:

  • Gather a dedicated team of reviewing specialists that can help you speed up content approvals and deliver content faster;
  • Equip your content with the material that isn’t covered by any regulations, including employee spotlights, leading concepts, and such;
  • Work on your social media presence beforehand and have all the commonly required social pages and other assets prepared before you launch or even create a news piece.
  • Schedule your updates and other publications to adjust a regular posting routine that should bring you lots of social media attention.

SMM planning must always be subsequent, well-thought-out, and in-depth planned – proper social media promotion is always time-bound and dependent on many time-based specifics.


Tracking and analyzing metrics

Setting, tracking, and further analyzing metrics is crucial for validating the efficiency of all involved efforts and optimizing your promotional strategies and tactics based on that. Metrics help point out the major specifics to be optimized, removed, or expanded in order to boost the overall promotional efficiency. The most necessary metrics to work with include:

  • The extent of readers reach;
  • Product niche monitoring;
  • Reactions to your message;
  • Inbound traffic.

Innovative promotional field of the now

Last, but not least, you should ultimately keep in line with the future of promotional media that we see emerging today. And it mostly brings more demand for new, simpler methods of generating and delivering high-quality content as well as emphasizes content SEO which is still one of the most efficient methods to make one’s message stand out among the crowd.

Stay flexible and welcome change as new tools for implementing visuals and interactive elements will ultimately bring you higher conversion rates.


Biotech-driven content and information can be challenging to outline and deliver across a wide audience segmentation. But if you keep the above-mentioned rules of content accessibility and follow the pro tips for enhancing your content efficiency, you should do just fine. Just make sure to work on each stage timely and come to the market with a full promotional arsenal.

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