Founder of Legacy BioStudios, LLC, Assata Caldwell Worrell, develops informative artwork to help communicate both innovative and complicated concepts. Assata’s recent illustrative project designed to honor Women’s History Month was created to help preserve the historical narrative of paleontologist Mary Anning. Known for her work as a reputable fossil collector during the 1800s, Mary Anning’s contributions to furthering evolutionary documentation were considered blasphemous at the time due to her studies’ incongruence with the common belief in divine creation.

The following illustration was manufactured to visually recreate the new species of dinosaur that Mary discovered during her lifetime – the ichthyosaur. While reptiles were once known to have only eight cervical vertebrae, Mary’s discovery that the plesiosaur had closer to forty was particularly earth-shattering because the anatomy began to challenge the way reptiles were defined.

Assata’s reconstruction of this discovery demonstrates how natural science artwork allows for historical stories to become digitally preserved, where abstract concepts can be represented through restorative works of art.

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