Erica Beade of MBC Graphics has been creating illustrations on a wide variety of topics, with a focus on health and science, for the past fifteen years.

From her site:

Illustration plays a pivotal role in explaining concepts and processes in science and medicine. Often photographs can’t show what needs to be shown in a clear way, with the right aspects emphasized. I’ve had the chance to work with some wonderful scientists and authors, helping them to translate their ideas into images, communicating them clearly and accurately; and I’ve worked with expert editors, production professionals and designers to help them realize their vision for a project. I enjoy the collaborative aspect of the process, and the opportunity to learn more about a subject from experts in the field or through my own research.
My illustrations have been used by college students to learn about molecular cell biology, to help patients better understand their treatments, to inspire K-12 students to get excited about engineering and scientific exploration, and in many other venues.



Subject: Preparing Insulin | Client: Joslin Diabetes Center



Subject: Brain Functions | Client: Stylus Publishing, Inc.



Subject: Anatomy of the Human Eye | © MBC Graphics




Subject: Laryngeal Mask Airway | Client: Jones & Bartlett Learning


More of Erica Beade’s work can be seen through her Medical Illustration Portfolio and Website.