New Partnership Announcement: Entrenarse and Nanobot team up to deliver virtual reality content integrated with LMS platforms.

We´re pleased to announce that Nanobot Medical has partnered with Entrenarse, an LMS provider dedicated to pharmaceuticals and medical companies. Entrenar´s solutions will be added to Nanobot medical wide range of products and services to offer a cloud service training to businesses of all sizes and types in the USA.

As the world becomes much more digital, organizations open their network and internal applications to the outside world (e.g. employees, customers, business partners, 3rd party vendors, mobile, IOT), much more than in the past. In the same way, virtual reality is not yet widely used in training or virtual education, but we understand that it is the nearest future and the natural evolution of eLearning.

Entrenarse introduces an evolution in the way organizations grant training to employees with a simple interface, while a robust platform takes essential data and generates reports to know what is happening with the knowledge and manage it efficiently.

“VR technology improved clinical measurements and assessments, can greatly improve medical training such as surgical skill training and procedure planning”, said Walter Greenleaf, PhD Neuroscientist, Virtual Reality, and Digital Health Expert at Stanford University Virtual Human Interaction Lab.

For over +12 years our award-winning scientific storytelling company, has been providing and transforming complex life science and medical product-related concepts into medically accurate, easy-to-understand, focused visual media. Nanobot Medical Animation Studio has been delivering visually engaging digital solutions for the pharmaceutical | biotech | medical device industries, to put a tech twist on our marketing and educational strategies.

“These types of associations are essential. The educational process has three fundamental parts, the content, the delivery mechanism and the capacity for feedback. Nanobot creates content understanding the needs of the scientific sector, and we provide the tools to take advantage of that content in the best way and generate added value” says Guillermo Galea, Sales Manager of Entrenarse. For more information about Entrenarse and its services visit:

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