Body Scientific International always looks forward to designing and producing interesting and challenging visual projects. Here is a recent case study of our anatomy face model highlighting tear film pathway. Our pharmaceutical client requested a product to be used by sales representatives to demonstrate the correct administration of their nasal spray and the anatomy involved.

The project started with preliminary sketches with various ideas on how we could best represent the anatomy and display how the medication was to be properly administered in the nose. Sometimes multiple rounds of revisions and prototypes are required to come up with a design that is cost-effective and can display everything that the client requires. A lot of research goes into understanding the science and anatomy involved in each project that Body Scientific becomes a part of. Our medical background allows us to understand the needs of clients and show the accurate placement of the anatomy within the body.

In this instance, the client preferred the model to be small and light enough so that their sales representatives would be able to easily carry and travel with it. Later iterations of the design included a sleek case for the model for protection during transport.

Once the preliminary sketches were approved, we began 3D modeling to bring the mockup one step closer to becoming a tangible object. 3D software and sculpting programs were utilized to sculpt the shape of the head and internal anatomy fit the approximate size of a female head. Our engineers were able to design a case with a visor-like lid in which the model would be able to rest in and tilted back when someone would need to demonstrate the administration of the nasal spray.

Once the 3D modeling was concluded, our next challenge was to produce the model with modern techniques and 3D printing. The head needed to be made from a clear material that would allow people to easily see the internal anatomy without any distortion or refraction. Additionally, we needed to find a way to 3D print or mold the delicate internal anatomy and ensure that it would be placed exactly where it needed to reside inside of the head. The nerves and glands of the model are extremely thin and fragile, therefore challenging to produce without breaking or coming out of place during production. We solved the challenge by creating clear supports in between the most fragile, thin portions of the structures. Imagine the anatomy being shrink-wrapped with plastic, the final 3D printed product looked similar to that. Next we had to test different filament materials and coating for the 3D printed anatomy to see how it would react to the pouring of the clear polymer. We found some methods that left a glare or trapped air, but also discovered a material that would blend in nicely and create the clear illusion we were aiming for.

Our production designer was able to cast and mold the shape of the head from a master 3D print that was sanded and smoothed to perfection. This would allow the production team to pour a clear, plastic polymer over the 3D printed anatomy which is delicately placed into position in the mold.

The pandemic resulted in the model being manufactured entirely in the USA. Complications included shipping backlogs, cargo container shortages, shipping price increases, materials shortages, and overseas manufacturing unpredictability due to shutdown from local outbreaks. Still, we were able to make the client’s deadline to have a model in hand for their national trade show. The production and delivery team made a great effort to make it happen. The sales representatives were so happy with their new anatomy face models! They enthusiastically gave the models nicknames and showed excitement to use them in practice.

A successful model design is a combination of great teamwork. Together, the staff at BSI working on the design and engineering, the production team manufacturing the deliverables, and the client’s management team moving the project forward and adapting to changes with ease, were all integral parts to make a pencil sketch concept into a final product within only a few months. Finally, the anatomy face models and cases could be assembled and were shipped off to the customer. They were very pleased with the results, and we couldn’t be happier.

Body Scientific’s extensive experience with creating high quality custom model scan be a great asset for any educational or promotional projects for mass production.Our connections with manufacturing teams both overseas and domestically allow us to fit your timeline and budget.

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AMI members can look forward to seeing this model in person at the upcoming AMI salon in July 2022!