Learn more about the new model in Cloud publishing, its practicality and editorial usage in medicine.

Cloud publishing allows for faster information anywhere and on any device and is quickly becoming popular also for the medical and scientific publishing industry.

A cloud publishing environment allows for remote access to programs, files and services on the internet, and it is possible to access these on any device with internet access. Google Docs is an excellent example of cloud publishing, where the service allows users to access, edit and share their files online.

The advantages of a cloud publishing editorial publication for the medical field

Medicine can greatly benefit from cloud publishing as well. Medical teams can get answers for their patients quickly as the cloud analyses and compiles similar data, which contributes to more accurate diagnosis. In a large hospital setting, the usage of cloud publishing can be very economical limiting expenses on software licenses and communication.

Medicine and editorial publishing have benefit from technological advances and cloud publishing. Printed books are being used less and medical students have quickly become accustomed to using online references for research. Today it is possible to keep a medical library and updated reference material on a tablet or smartphone, allowing quick access and helping to solve diagnostic questions faster. Content can be downloaded for future consultations and used offline, which is a very useful feature. Issues are published in real time and users can receive notifications when updates are available.

Elsevier’s student and expert consult rely on a very advanced cloud publishing system to make their titles available to students in medicine and professionals. Similarly, Visualmedics uses the same tool to collaborate with international publishers producing a variety of medical-related content, such as illustrations and ebooks, with great knowledge of digital media related to science and medicine.

Depicted above is one of the eBook projects made in collaboration with FOR (Foundation of Oral Rehabilitation). 1000 images and illustrations make this book a vital reference for students and professional dentists alike. Watch the presentation video or see the full presentation of the product.