Chicago Medical Graphics has just completed a collection of over 150 medical product images for Medtronic’s orthopedic surgical technique brochures, where the medical device company’s five didactic brochures show the steps needed to surgically repair skeletal fractures using a new line of locking compression plates.

CMG partners Peg Gerrity and Melanie Connolly traveled to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur to meet with medical consultants before creating these images, as the brochures are specifically targeted toward patients in South East Asia. This research led them to create 3D models that depicted the less elongated, more delicate bones of the typical patient in those parts of the world.

Due to the many different languages spoken in the region, the layout for the brochures purposely includes minimal, small font text in English only — leaving the enlarged medical illustrations to tell the story. This allows physicians of various cultures to use the brochures as reference material while performing the surgeries.

For more work samples, check out these medical illustrators’ portfolios: Chicago Medical Graphics & Peg Gerrity

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