Bill Graham of Graham Studios provides some tips below on how to tackle your next project.

Here it comes:  One of those tedious, detail oriented series of illustrations that can have dozens of steps, multiple file names, different sizes, and proportions for different applications, are usually a work in progress and is handed off to you with a crazy timeline.  First, take a deep breath.  Then get all the info you can:

  •  Get complete layouts (not just the ones you will be working on).
  •  Determine if the file names are descriptive or likely to change and discuss possible simplification.
  •  Find out the end use or uses?
  •  Determine the largest repro size, and more importantly,the smallest size.  You may have to outline in a heavy line weight that looks too fat at the size of your artwork.
  •  Remind the team to view your illustrations at the repro size, not the art size.
  •  Use the AD’s layout to plug in copies of your finished work to keep line weights consistent and keep track of your progress.
  •  Be organized – it will get confusing.
  •  You as the artist will be staring at these images far longer than anyone else.  If you notice errors or inconsistencies alert the team.  You might be rewarded with a “nice catch!”

And always be nice!

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