Hailing from Brazil, Patrick Braga is an experienced 3D illustrator and designer. With over 14 years of working experience, Patrick is one of the leading scientific illustrators in his market.

Patrick creates beautiful, stylized 3D renderings of complex biological systems and scientific information. He’s created work for scientific magazines and books as well as interactive media design for tablets, mobile phones and web browsers.

Patrick describes himself as creative, focused and always ready to improve his own skills.

You can explore his full portfolio here and through his website.


Visualization Challenge, Copyright Patrick Braga



Anatomia Topografica de Cabeca e do Pescoco, Illustration Copyright Patrick Braga



Visual-Aid for Galderma, Copyright Patrick Braga


Advertisement for Unimed´s outdoor ilustration for F/NAZCA from Brazil, Copyright Patrick Braga



Intestinal Flora with its bacterias getting help with digestion as well as monitoring the development of microoganisms wich causes diseases, Copyright Patrick Braga