Are you a medical or natural science artist wondering how to find new job opportunities? Continue reading for more information on how our Medical Illustration & Animation marketing program can link you with over 6,500 qualified science and healthcare art buyers!

Most artists know they need to be active on all fronts with their marketing, but don’t know where to start or don’t have time to develop and maintain a consistent plan. That’s where we can help. Since 1984, countless medical and natural science artists have launched and sustained their businesses by consistently promoting with this program. We’ve combined 30+ years of research and networking with a suite of comprehensive, up-to-date marketing tools to help you reach the most active creative buyers in science and healthcare through as many channels as possible.

Join us for our 2020-21 season by making sure to reserve before September 20, 2019.

Online Promotion


  • Thousands of creatives visit each month to find images, animations and video clips. Art buyers can enter freestyle search terms, locate an artist they already know, or use easy-access keyword menus to search by specialty, style, technique and subject. We include quick links to drive traffic straight to your personal website. You can add title, creator and copyright information to help protect your work.
  • is directly promoted through the Medical Illustration & Animation book and with regular e-blasts to creatives in the U.S. and abroad who may not receive the print edition. This introduces a wider audience of qualified international art buyers to the site and reinforces to the market that is the place to find updated work.
  • All keywords, titles and descriptions on are searchable on the site and are also picked up by search engines. Showing a variety of images with appropriate tags will help site visitors find you, and increase the chance that an art buyer will discover you through a web search for a specific medical condition or procedure.
“My new clients all tell me they found me through They love the keyword specialty search, and how easy it is to find an artist whose style and knowledge suits their needs. I love how easy the Medical Illustration and Animation program has made marketing!” — TIFFANY SLAYBAUGH DAVANZO Slaybaugh Studios LLC

Print Promotion

  • The annual Medical Illustration & Animation sourcebook is the bible of the industry. It lands on the desks of 6,500 qualified professionals each September and stays there all year long. Plus, the average recipient regularly shares their copy with 3-4 other art directors!
  • This high-quality annual is a welcome change for creatives who spend the majority of their time staring at a screen. They tag pages for future reference and take it into project meetings to share with clients and team members. The book drives them to the web to see more images, animation clips and reels.
  • Our highly specialized distribution list is unparalleled in this market. It is carefully qualified and includes creatives throughout the U.S., plus selected art buyers in Canada, the UK and Europe. This list has been created and maintained specifically to help our advertisers reach the widest variety of active medical/scientific art and animation buyers. For over 30 years we’ve been refining our research on the major players and digging deep into niche markets for companies you may not have even considered.
“We have been advertising in this program for ten years. Both the book and the website offer great exposure. I believe the publication’s influence is greater now than ever!” — JODY BORTNER, PRINCIPAL PARTNER 3FX Medical Animation

Social Media Promotion

  • If you have a story to tell, we’ll make sure to get the word out. We promote Medical Illustration & Animation artists individually and as a group, sharing your successes and most innovative work on our social platforms. We encourage you to send us recent images and news anytime so we can broadcast it on our Facebook, Linkedin, Instragram and Twitter feeds.
  • If you have your own blog, the will automatically put your posts in front of our audience via RSS feed. We add a variety of Featured Content and interviews throughout the year to keep creatives up-to-date on the exciting work our artists are doing. We promote our blog with regular monthly e-blasts to a worldwide art buying audience. These blasts include specialized imagery pulled from the site plus individual artist features.

Job Showcase: Chicago Medical Graphics for Medtronic
Job Showcase: Mesa Studios for National Geographic
Job Showcase: Fairman Studios for Neurosurgery (CNS)

  • Beyond creating great social content, we constantly grow and nurture our audience with targeted engagement strategies that reach out to creatives who are active on social media. We take a qualitative approach to build our audience and find the right people to see your work.
“This is one of the most consistent and dynamic sources for targeted marketing for my studio. The online presence, social media and blog articles are additional benefits that give this resource a competitive edge.” — JENNIFER FAIRMAN, CMI, FAMI Fairman Studios, LLC

Reserve Now

Make sure to sign up by September 20th, 2019 to reserve your spot in the program! We’ll begin showcasing your images and animations on the popular right away and your portfolio will remain online for up to two years (through September 2021).

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