Trinity made a trade show animation for Fantech
Fantech has been around for 3 decades creating air solutions for homes and offices.

Trinity Animation artists recently created this trade show animation for a company called Fantech. Founded in 1981 they’ve been focused on home and business air quality solutions. Recently they needed a stylish and educational animation for a Trade Show they were going to be attending so they contacted Trinity Animation. Their animation required something we don’t normally do but always jump at the opportunity to experiment with: stylized animation. While Trinity excels at creating visualizations indistinguishable from real life, occasionally a client needs something more focused. When you want to remove all distractions from a scene to make sure the benefits of your product are clearly communicated, a photo-realistic approach can sometimes draw attention away from where it’s needed. This animation is a perfect example. By stripping away color and texture the animation focuses the viewer’s attention exactly where it’s needed to convey the full story of the product.

This approach not only helps focus attention but, in a loud and noisy trade-show floor, the visuals end up being very striking and catching a lot of eyes! The stylized approach ends up being a very notable look and helps make the presentation stand out from the crowd with saturated effects contrasting heavily against the white outlined environment. Trade shows require a very different type of work than most other animation work for marketing and media. Stylized animations come with their own host of hurdles to overcome as well, it can be easy to lose focus of what exactly the client wants, with so many styles out there to choose from. Careful communication between the artists and the client is needed to make sure the client is getting exactly what they envisioned.

Trinity Animation has done this sort of work before, though, and was easily up to the task. In the end, with precise communication and the talent of Trinity’s animators, Fantech had a beautiful and striking stylized visualization to present at their next trade show.

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