Brands behind pharmaceutical products have some specific requirements for a range of services. The services are quite peculiar as well. The question of sourcing is a tough one for big companies such as these, and it is no wonder that it worries them so much — there are large sums of money at stake after all.

Choosing on an appropriate vendor is what large customers are usually concerned about — whether the company has all the experience required for the job, whether they can complete work on time keeping the quality high, and how flexible a company is during the production of visual products. Each detail plays a huge role here; a client has to be sure that the service-providing company is capable of finishing the given tasks without problems or delays.

That is why the Nanobot values its relationships with departments of procurement and sourcing so much. We are always ready to provide you with information about our services in any format that suits you. The specialists of our company are always prepared with a complete and concise presentation of all the services and capabilities. We provide our clients with a classified list of services. Each vital decision concerning the work is discussed in detail and made exclusively during personal meetings with our customers to ensure a crystal clear understanding between us.


The era of digital technologies has significantly altered people’s perception of ordinary content and provided access to material that was previously hidden from the human eye. Despite being a digital business company, we are specialized in a very narrow service field. We are experts in visualizing the working principles of pharmaceutical products or diseases.

Our first-class specialists construct projects of the highest scientific precision from the script to the final result on the screen. We have numerous complex projects of scientific orientation in our portfolio. They often required a decent level of competency and understanding of the differences between the regulatory and healthcare processes in different countries. We always maintain direct communication with our clients — whether it be the pharmaceutical, medical device, or biotechnology companies.


Nanobot Medical Provides the Following Services:

  • Producing a 3D animated movie representing the operation principle of pharmaceutical products;
  • Producing a 3D animated movie elaborating in great detail about the pattern of a specific disease;
  • Putting together a Fast Sketch video with the information about a patient;
  • Creating an interactive presentation for tablets and touch displays;
  • Developing application for sensor devices used on different kinds of meeting, exhibitions, and forums;
  • Composing medical illustrations of any difficulty for printing materials such as posters, brochures, calendars, and also for PowerPoint presentations.

Our company has not only the professional set of skills required for any project but also some considerable experience with a diversified approach to task solving. If you are interested in more detailed information about our work, please follow this link and have a look at our projects.

We are aware that each client and every case is a unique story in itself, asking for an accordingly reverent and attentive approach. Our professional employees are always glad to discuss the details of your project and suggest some solutions for any problem that may arise along the way. Contact us — we will be happy to answer all of your questions!

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