The animators at Trinity Animation recently created a product commercial for Master House Product’s own ThermoJoe. Master House Products was looking to create an advertisement that would be easily shareable in social media. Coming from a background of radio advertisements and infomercials, this was going to be their first digital and internet based commercial. The owner of Master House Products, Cliff Rose, reached out to Trinity Animation to see if they would be willing to work closely with him in making this advertisement a reality.


Cliff Rose wanted the ad for ThermoJoe to feature its versatility, that it could be taken anywhere around the world. After some brainstorming sessions, the Trinity Animation team came up with a storyboard that took ThermoJoe not only around the world, but beyond our world into space. Cliff was very pleased with the new direction and gave Trinity Animation the green light for the project.


Thermojoe Components

Master House Products delivered some models and schematics for the animation team to utilize and reference for the video advertisement. The animators took them and added some professional polish and textures to make ThermoJoe really shine. For the space station environment, the animators started with a submarine interior, added an air lock hydraulic door, and set up the lighting and camera to set the outer space theme. 


The animators added special glitch effects and neon holographic motion graphics to really sell the sci-fi feel. To continue with the theme, Trinity Animation and Master House Products wanted to have the voice over sound like an Artificial Intelligence computer. Trinity was able to reach out and get Tasia Valenza, a talented actress who performed in both Star Trek and Star Wars, to record the voice over for the commercial. Tasia was a fantastic voice actress and really sold the A.I. voice over that both Trinity and Cliff were overjoyed with. 


Working closely together, sharing and building ideas off each other, Trinity Animation was able to create a top-notch professional commercial for Master House Product’s ThermoJoe.


Thermojoe Glitch


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