I woke up in the middle of the Mojave desert…

It’s been three hours since we started our road trip to Las Vegas on interstate I-15- road. It was my first trip to Las Vegas, and I photographed every moment I could. Here are some photos.

Our journey was planned a long time ago. We had several goals, the main of which was to support our client in their first conference using Oculus Go virtual reality glasses. The conference was called IECSC, Las Vegas (https://www.iecsc.com/) https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/18494333/iecsc-las-vegas-convention-center/

For our customers, we have developed an amazing digital solution for their stand. The main idea was to visualize the topical application and skin treatment (using enzyme masque) for visitors mainly cosmetologists entering the company’s booth. To achieve the maximum WOW effect, we decided to customize the visualization in a 360 video format.

In the last three years, the use of virtual reality glasses has been gaining popularity in the pharmaceutical industry. I first saw the practical application of VR at a pharmaceutical company’s booth back in 2015, during the CPHI conference in Barcelona. Since then, much has changed, and technology has moved to another level. Now, out of 30 stands at the conference, I saw at least 3 companies using virtual reality in one form or the another.

Virtual reality, unlike ordinary video on the screen, allows you to capture all the attention of the visitor and for a period of 1.5 up to 5 minutes to get his undivided attention. Just imagine the number of distractions during a conference – noise, fatigue, speakers, screens on other stands. All these annoying tinsel disappears and leaves you and the visitor alone. The visitor crosses a certain barrier and gives you a certain credit of trust – and your task is not to fool his expectations. This is the moment where you can unfold your fantasy, and create new worlds, immerse the visitor in sadness or the joy or euphoria, making you think about the importance of the problems that your product solves. At this moment, you create a strong emotional connection with this person, which in the future will allow you to easily and quickly build a long-term partnership. But be very careful! I am warning you from simply amusing visitors and reckless use of videos or interactive VR applications received from Head Offices, for example. Virtual reality is not a magic pill or a panacea for all problems. Virtual reality, both 360 video and interactive application with the ability to interact inside the virtual reality – a tool that does not work by itself. Your task as a marketing specialist is to blend it with the current marketing strategy for each particular conference.

In this case, our clients, used 360 videos created by us for presentation and creation of knowledge about their educational platform and everyone who watched the video in Oculus Go glasses got an opportunity to join the platform. In this case, 360 videos helped the company to create an image of innovation and positive perception of the visitors of their educational platform.

As soon as we were at our client’s booth, we started working. Some of the glasses had to be helped to set up almost from scratch, and with this, in mind, we brought our glasses (Here, you can see visitors at the booth wearing Nanobot glasses).

The real challenge was the bad Internet in the conference room, and Yurii (Yurii Svidinenko, Production director) had to update the content on the last Oculus Go using his mobile Internet. Everything was sorted very quickly, double-checked if all were in place and that the client was satisfied. It was a sheer pleasure to observe the delight of our client’s visitors and of course we will be glad to continue working on such projects.

In addition to the support of our Client`s team, we were happy to meet with some of our old friends and also made new during the conference.

Las Vegas itself left an unforgettable impression, and I hope to return back again. In the last photo, I am seen wearing a hat. Am I not looking like a cowboy?

Thank you for taking the time to read my first article and I hope this information was useful.

Best regards,

Andii Koniukh (link to Linkedin)

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