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@LabXchange, a free resource developed by Harvard University @harvard, provides a platform for students and educators to engage in online collaboration and access mentorship to address equity and inclusivity in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields.

Marcelo Olvier and Body Scientific, is featured in their latest blog post, discussing our pivotal role in promoting diversity within healthcare visuals.

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Our visuals, accessible to LabXchange users, are utilized in educators’ educational materials, including lecture presentations, to enhance instruction. Additionally, these visuals serve as valuable resources for students, facilitating self-learning and independent exploration.

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 The Racial Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Science Education Project, initiated by @LabXchange, aims to inspire the scientific community to actively address racial inequity. We, at Body Scientific, recognize that these issues cannot be effectively resolved solely at the grassroots level, but rather require top-down commitment. As educators, specifically as medical illustrators, we possess the ability to introduce and emphasize diversity in our images, with the intention of fostering broader acceptance among the general public towards seeing diverse figures accurately depicted in the roles of healthcare providers, leaders, and patients. This is why we prioritize incorporating diversity in our images, as it plays a vital role in accelerating the demand for comprehensive representation within the market.

Our endeavors revolve around two primary objectives: firstly, to bring about a visual transformation by prominently featuring diverse figures as the majority in our new illustrations, and secondly, to encourage positive feedback that highlights the significance of expanding the diversity across a broader range of visuals. By doing so, we aspire to elicit a genuine response from viewers, who can readily connect with the visuals and confidently say, “Yes, these illustrations truly represent who I am.”

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