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Within academic institutions, it may not always be clear who are the high-potentials ready to apply for ERC grants and how to identify them. However, with a customized ERC writing workshop, we can help you to identify and motivate your local talent and at the same time develop their ideas into fully-fledged applications.

Within our core expertise of proposal support, we are continuously engaged in providing guidance to academics in developing their research careers. We have reviewed dozens of outstanding proposals, providing us with a unique sense of success factors in various funding schemes.


Our workshops are meticulously designed to optimize ERC proposals by incorporating specialized strategies, practical exercises, and insights from experts in the field. Through our workshops, participants acquire a comprehensive grasp of ERC funding intricacies, master successful proposal techniques, and bolster their ability to provide effective guidance to researchers of all proficiency levels. Leveraging our expertise primarily in the Life Sciences, our tailored workshops also span an extensive spectrum of natural sciences.


We extend our workshop offerings to academic personnel, tailoring sessions to delve into proposal writing. This tailored approach aims to foster enthusiasm for what is often a challenging and arduous endeavor. Additionally, we cater to administrative staff, facilitating the development of proficient in-house teams capable of providing adept support throughout the application and execution phases of externally funded projects.


Biolution’s workshops are geared towards enhancing the proficiency and competitive edge of research institutions and scholars alike. By fostering a deeper comprehension of ERC application intricacies and disseminating best practices, our workshops empower researchers to craft compelling proposals. Through these efforts, we are dedicated to developing successful proposals that further propel ground-breaking European research and innovation.

About the coach:

Stefan Grünert is an accomplished life scientist, co-authoring more than 16 publications with over 3,400 cumulative citations and several patents. He studied in Heidelberg and Cambridge, with post-doctoral work in Cambridge and Vienna. Since 2003 he has supported scientists in the application for research grants in various positions. He is a co-founder of biolution and regularly reviews grant proposals for the EC. Stefan has been supporting the application of ERC grants for >10 years, and an up-to-date compilation with success indicators is available upon request.

Visit his LinkedIn profile here

or read more about him on our team page

Contact us today for our workshop program or to find out more about our workshop offerings!

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