What pharma marketing challenges do I have to cope with?

There is a whole range of marketing pitfalls and challenges providers in the field of pharma must face. Let’s take a look at specific instances and elaborate on handling them.

How to reap more benefits from brand websites?

To start off, there is a universal issue of efficiently managing brand websites in different geographies. A huge share of the extensive range of websites available online today are multi-language resources. And website versions in different languages may have completely different code cores and run on different CMS platforms. Such variability and dynamics make it difficult to keep resources thoroughly overviewed, timely updated, and consistent in their expression of brand attributes.

In the long run, it is frequent that brand employees simply cannot get their hands on the full spectrum of brand website management. Various website management complications clog up and hinder planning. As such, a thorough, efficient customer journey strategy that should help boost the overall online presence is undermined. It becomes simply impossible to plan out targeted communication flows based on specific web pages.

And this is why your online presence should be ultimately uniform. This means that all resources and their versions should be powered by a single platform. This makes it easier for affiliates to generate and update content without strict owner restrictions. An up-to-date unified website system ties up your usual resources overview and content publishing efforts. Thus, you get to centralize brand websites reviewing and localizing.

How to reap more benefits from digital agencies?

From the extensive hands-on experience, we have indicated relevant difficulties of managers properly translating requirements to hired agencies. The communication breakdown may pose pretty harsh issues here and it shouldn’t be neglected. The role of efficient collaboration is paramount, and if your usual workflow reviews and briefings fail to bring improvements, don’t even expect to achieve the desired high-quality project results.

This is where a project-specific design vocabulary may do the trick, giving your managers a set of terms and requirement specification guidelines for more precise translation of requirements. This would also act as a great educational input for employees as a whole. As a rough example, your design vocabulary should direct your managers to outline issues in a more technical tongue and say “There is an issue with alignment and spacing” instead of simply stating that “something doesn’t look or feel right”.

This is a small effort that may go a long way. Thus, brand managers are empowered to communicate with clients with more confidence of savvy professionals that are on the same page. In the long run, it will save you costs, time-to-market time, and misunderstandings.

How to make my content management cheaper?

Pharma is not an exception from among niches and industries increasingly driven by digital marketing. This makes content management and promotion more competitive, hence, more difficult and pricey. For one thing, you need to use more simultaneous digital content channels, which requires more management and more expenses. More channels means more affiliates that, ideally, should get equally accessible collaboration conditions. There must be a way to scale along these tendencies, isn’t there?

Ultimately, you need to renovate the way your content is created and managed. In particular, you need to make it more diverse and universal in terms of channel compatibility from the get-go. Instead of generating content meant for one specific channel, set off the creation of content by a generalized class that fits any channel. This is called a modular content approach and it lets you reuse major content elements without going far. Content modules are universal and can be updated all at once by simply updating one element. This is where costs can be cut dramatically.

Pharma Marketing Challenges

How to expand my marketing reach?

Modern digital marketing powers enable pharma providers to grab numerous marketing channels and exploit them to the fullest based on their marketing promotion savviness. This allows companies to be more versatile in their work as a whole.

Then, there is also the vast difference in HCPs preferences – some prefer a full-on direct contact with pharma providers, others like to learn about the provider and contact them directly only for concrete decision-making. There are also those who prefer to minimize any direct contact. And everybody must be satisfied as best as possible. 

So mix up and combine your channels – try to cover as many of them related to your line of work as possible. As such, you may also identify channels that work for you better than others. Thus, remote detailing (like live online consultations and such) can expand your marketing reach by readily delivering essential information about your offers to HCPs. Email marketing and self-service can also be game-changer tools for your pharma promotion.

How to implement my major strategy locally?

Many pharma providers tend to face this challenge nowadays. You may have a great global brand objective – e.g., to get the most out of this or that technology involved in your workflow/marketing. However, if it isn’t properly realized locally, it may as well not go far in the long run. 

One common circumstance is that affiliates only make tried-and-tested decisions, avoiding innovative strategies you may have outlined in your global brand planning scheme. And this is where the best potential way out of the situation is shifting your focus from local channels’ efficiency to better tending to particular customer needs in a local category.

Pharma Marketing Challenges

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