In the world of commercial art, medical illustration is a specialized field. Within this field, however, there is a diverse range of different categories and disciplines: anatomy, cellular biology, botany, zoology, biotechnology, pharmacology, virology, and histology… The list is as inexhaustible as the field of science itself. With a series of special blog posts, we are celebrating several artists whose unique specializations help to cover this broad spectrum of subjects.

This month, Medical Illustration and Animation is proud to highlight ten talented medical illustrators working in the field of Orthopedics:

Todd Buck, Audra Geras, John Karapelou, Michele Graham, David Bolinsky, Digital JAB, Mark M. Miller, KO Studios, Scott Bodell, Anatomy By Design.

Cover Image © Scott Bodell
“Assessment of Chronic Patellofemoral Knee Pain” © Todd Buck

Todd is a Certified Medical Illustrator (CMI). Since 1990 Todd Buck Illustration LLC has been developing and creating high quality custom medical and scientific illustrations for pharmaceutical and biotech advertising and marketing, medical and consumer publishing, and web-based patient education media. Todd is Professor of Illustration at Northern Illinois University School of Art and Design. He earned his Master’s Degree in Medical Illustration from The University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Biomedical Visualization. He earned his BA in Biological PreMedical Illustration (BPMI) from Iowa State University. Todd is a Fellow of the Association of Medical Illustrators and has presented workshops at the Association of Medical Illustrators national conference, the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators conference, and the Midwest Medical Illustrators meeting.

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“Selected Skeletal Subjects” © Audra Geras

Audra Geras is an internationally recognized, multiple award-winning biomedical artist with degrees in both biology and visual biocommunications from the University of Toronto. She heads Geras Healthcare Productions, a boutique visual biomedical communications studio specializing in the creation of innovative custom illustration and 3D animated videos. Audra is a visual storyteller dedicated to finding successful solutions to medical and scientific communication challenges with clear, accurate and beautiful visuals.

Audra is represented by the Weber Group.

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“Heel Pain” © John Karapelou

John Karapelou is a Board-Certified Medical Illustrator (CMI) providing high quality custom medical visual media production and consultation services for biotech startups (including investor outreach), pharmaceutical and medical product advertising & marketing, media production, medical & consumer publishing, and medical malpractice and personal injury litigation. He has been recognized throughout his career for achievements in medical art with awards from clients and peers, such as Art Direction Magazine, the Rx Club, the Society of Illustrators, The Art Directors Club of New Jersey, The Art Directors Club of Philadelphia, and the Association of Medical Illustrators. Formerly Chief Medical Illustrator at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons in New York, NY then later served appointments as Clinical Adjunct Instructor for the Program in Medical Illustration at The Ohio State University and Assistant Professor of Biomedical Art at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

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Michele Graham is a Board Certified Medical Illustrator. She holds a Master of Science in Anatomy with a concentration in Medical Illustration and a Master of Fine Art in drawing. She has been working as a Medical Illustrator for the past 17 years and is currently working independently. Michele has 7 years of experience teaching anatomy and drawing at Colorado State University and 5 years experience teaching anatomy and art in the Nursing and Liberal Arts Programs at the College of the Marshall Islands, Micronesia.

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“Cross Section of the Knee” © Michele Graham
“ACL Repair” © David Bolinsky

David Bolinsky is an accomplished and award-winning medical illustrator and animator whose ground-breaking career in digital animation spans 33 years. After holding the position of Senior Medical Illustrator at the Yale School of Medicine, David founded the world’s first digital medical animation company, Advanced Imaging, Inc., in 1984. In 2000, David co-founded XVIVO Scientific Animation. A two-time speaker at the TED Conference, in 2007 he presented the highly acclaimed animation “The Inner Life of a Cell.” David is a guest faculty member of Singularity University and affiliates, Future Medicine and the Exponential Medicine Conference, and an associate partner in the ‘Marie Curie Initiative’ with the University of Utrecht, Netherlands.

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“Marlex Mesh Repair” © Digital JAB

Digital JAB specializes in the development of compelling and dynamic visual content through 3D Animation, Illustration and Creative Design. No matter what industry you are in, telling a complex story can be difficult, let us simplify the complex.

“We have over 10+ years of experience with Medical Device Manufacturers and use industry standard and state of the art rendering engines to provide clients with high end competitive media including; Medical Animation, Medical Illustration, Product Animation, Promotional Animation, 3D Product Rendering, Motion Graphics, Interactive Media and Creative Design. Our goal is to provide clients with high-end visual media that help simplify the complex stories surrounding their products.”

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“Scoping of the Knee, Lateral View” © Mark M. Miller

In 1991, Mark established Miller Medical Illustration, a sole proprietorship, in Kansas City. In July of 2013, he joined the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, Department of Communications, where he is employed on a part-time basis as Scientific Illustrator and Instructor in Adobe Illustrator and Best Practices in Visual Communications. Mark continues to create medical and scientific illustrations for a diverse group of national and international clients, depicting a wide range of medical, biological, scientific and veterinary subjects, and is a speaker on the field of medical illustration and its history.

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KO Studios specializes in high-end medical illustrations and animations for the medical and biotech industries. Steve started the company under the name of StudiOh Medical art in 1992 and was joined by Myriam in 1998 when the company became KO Studios. Both illustrators graduated from the Medical College of Georgia’s Medical Illustration program and before starting their own company worked for other diverse institutions including Georgetown University, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Joan Beck Visual Communications, Krames Communication, Barrow Neurological Institute, and Arizona Heart Institute among others.

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“Orthopedic Implants” © KO Studios
“Expandable Fusion Cage” © Scott Bodell

Scott Bodell is an award-winning medical illustrator and animator in Dallas, Texas, with past honors from the Association of Medical Illustrators and the Rx Club. Before starting Bodell Communications, Inc., which has transitioned to Bodell Medical Media, Scott served the UT Southwestern Medical Center as an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Communications and a supervisor of illustration services. Scott has developed illustration, animation, and online content for advertising, marketing and educational audiences for years. A recent client list includes: the American Heart Association, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Stanford University, Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Wolters-Kluwer, Medtronic, the American Academy of Family Physicians, and Jobson Medical Information.

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Anatomy By Design was founded by Certified Medical Illustrator Rob Flewell. Based out of Asheville, North Caroline, Anatomy By Design provides medical illustration, design and large project production. Specialties include OBG, Orthopedics, Internal surgery, head and neck surgery, conceptual, histological, pharmaceutical, medical device, medical academic, medical advertising and more.

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“AITFL Ankle Repair” © Anatomy By Design, Inc.

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