Developments in Technology

Researchers are exploring a long list of ways that nanotechnology could make your visit to the dentist more comfortable, and make the result more effective and attractive.

For example:

  • Delivering therapeutic drugs with nanoparticles or nanorobots that go straight to the source, enabling smaller doses and reducing side effects.
  • Taking high quality images of your mouth with lower levels of radiation.
  • Creating dental implants that mimic the nanoscale features of natural bone and interact better with connecting bone and tissue.
  • Strengthening and whitening teeth by inserting nanomaterials with these properties into the outer layers of enamel.
  • Sending a particular molecule to the site of a dental implant, bone surgery, or tooth decay that tells the cell to initiate repair.

Designing nanorobots to clean teeth and perform other functions, such as sealing exposed channels, called tubules, on teeth that cause hypersensitivity to hot or cold. Other functions might include delivering local anesthesia (no more long needles!) or providing painless, quick orthodontic services.

Dentistry has come a long way from beeswax fillings, with many exciting advances on the horizon. Scientists with backgrounds in nanoscience, chemistry, physics, biology, and medicine are working together, forming companies and research collaborations that aim to turn these possibilities into dentist office realities—realities that will hopefully make your life a little more comfortable, your smile a little brighter, and your teeth healthier and more durable.

Our Reaction

At Core BioVisuals each biomedical illustration serves as a vehicle for knowledge visualization, communicating and transferring a message between the reader and the author. We took on this publication. Advances in technology have increased our ability to manipulate the world around us on an ever-decreasing scale. Nanotechnologies are rapidly emerging within the realm of medicine, and this subfield has been termed nanomedicine. Use of nanoparticle technology has become familiar and increasingly commonplace, especially with pharmaceutical technology. An exciting and promising area of nanotechnological development is the building of nanorobots, which are devices with components manufactured on the nanoscale. With these interesting advances in technology, the interest of the public is always at there. This informational pieces, shows the build/imaginative design of nanobots in the body environment to open up the world of curiosity and excitement about the ongoing projects, as well as inform the general public about the continuous advancements in medicine.

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