Today we invite you to get to know Danae DelBalso! Danae grew up in East Greenbush, NY, and went to study advertising and communications at Emerson College. After that, she worked for several ad agencies as a producer before moving to XVIVO.

Danae is married to Nick, an Albany firefighter, and together they have two children (Giuliana ‘G’ and Jacob ‘Buster Cheeks’), both under the age of 3! Danae enjoys ‘Glamping’ RV camping, travel, and spending time with her lovely family. If you complain in front of her daughter ‘G’, she’ll tell you: “cry me a river and I will buy you a boat!”

Danae enjoys Japanese food, crab rangoons, and tagalongs. When she’s not optimizing process and making sure everything stays organized, you can find her relaxing in front of some good ol’ reality TV.

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