XVIVO XPOSED continues today with one of our animators, Tony Bexley!

Born and raised in Cape Cod, Tony went on to study computer graphics and design at RIT and Springfield College. Afterward, he went to the Vancouver Film School to hone his skills in 3D, returning to XVIVO after his studies to take his rightful place as 3D point pusher.

Tony is soon-to-be-wed, living happily with his fiancée and their cat named Cat (bet you didn’t see that coming!). Tony enjoys gratuitous TV and movie watching, reading, and computer gaming. He prefers Star Wars over Star Trek, and is often kept up at night in fear that the new Star Wars movie will be terrible.

Tony loves his pub food — a delicious burger or a generous platter of fish and chips is the perfect way to start or end his day! He adamantly prefers the original Starcraft over its successor, and likes reading dystopian novels.

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