Winter in the New Office

Winter in the New Office

Well, it’s not quite winter yet, but it certainly feels like it.

Breaking into our new office space has been a blast. With great lighting and colorful walls, we’re really starting to achieve our goal of looking like our scientific illustrations. Dare you to find us another medical animation studio with a giant graffiti logo plastered across their wall. Check out this time-lapse of Mike and Helena doing their thing, with a special guest appearance by yours truly.

With the increase in floor space, I’ve even found myself getting a fitdesk and putting it in the office, forcing our clients to unwittingly listen to my workout session as we discuss projects.

More than just me trying to get back into shape, though, a lot has been changing around the office lately. With new projects and ideas looking ahead and people shuffling around, it’s really been a season filled with moments of intense stress and excitement. But no matter what, we refuse to have our creative juices stifled by burnout. We’re a team that will always play as hard as we work.

Stay tuned, because we have some really exciting things to show on the horizon!

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