Welcome to the New INVIVO

Welcome to the New INVIVO


Welcome to the new INVIVO Communications website, and our inaugural post here on our blog, INVIVO Veritas

It's a new day for us – everything about our online presence has transformed to reflect the growth and evolution that we've been undergoing lately.

In case you're meeting us for the first time, we are a leading digital agency, that specializes in medical games, animation, mobile apps and digital strategy for the pharma and medical device industries, located in downtown Toronto, Canada. Helping empower understanding in the medical industry goes beyond skilled medical illustration these days. Developing a full understanding of complex processes and technologies is often best delivered by engaging people through interactive learning that combines stunning visuals and simple design. 

What can you expect? 

You won’t find an imposing Wall of Text on this blog. Expect posts launching discussions generated from all of the elements of what we do, including 3D medical animation, serious games, mhealth applications, UX/UI, dataviz, data analytics, and graphic design brought to you from the thought leaders on our team. 

Welcome to the New INVIVO

Sometimes the best understanding comes through creative visual metaphors.

We'll also touch on what's happening in the larger community. Medicine and how-we-know-what-we-know are more accessible than ever in the science blogosphere. Blogs like iMedical AppsTake as DirectedMolecules to Medicine and many more raise important topics we'll turn an eye to now and then. 

INVIVO Communications was established in 1998 and there’s a wealth of amazing content in the portfolio that we're looking forward to sharing.

Who’s writing this?

Hey. My name is Glendon Mellow, and outside of INVIVO I’ve been blogging for the past 6 years about the intersection of art and science. You can find me on the Scientific American blog Symbiartic which covers #sciart with a focus on professional techniques, copyright issues, and cutting edge art ranging from scientific illustration and fine art, to children’s books, comics and street art. I've also been promoting visual communication in science by moderating at the popular ScienceOnline unconference for the past 5 years, and through my own illustration blog, The Flying Trilobite

Welcome to the New INVIVO

Since beginning at INVIVO, I have been working in the quality assurance (QA) department, in the flow of developing ground-breaking digital media. Each day there are fascinating tools being created to further the understanding of medicine and health – and  I’m excited to share my enthusiasm here on the blog!

Welcome to the New INVIVO

The view from my desk. I'd love to throw a superball from here and see if it reaches the front of the building. 

INVIVO around the intertubes

Thanks for joining us on our blog! Comments welcome, and you can also find us on




and on Twitter @INVIVOcom.

And hey – grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the demo reels on our YouTube Channel! Cheers!


Welcome to the New INVIVO

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