Finally finally finally starting to look into using Unity.  I’ve watched a couple introductory videos to get used to the interface, and made a practice project and scene with shapes to get used to importing from Maya.  Well I’ve just imported the pelvis from my research, and THANKFULLY it went in fine.  I was worried the mesh would be too dense and I’d have to remake it.  Only issue so far, and it’s actually an important one, is that the texture maps have transparency attributes.  I didn’t instruct the exported files from Mudbox to have transparency, though they are .png files.  I broke the transparency connection in the file in Maya before I exported, but it’s still there.  I’m thinking I should hopefully just have to re-export the textures from Mudbox as a different file type and it will work.Unity

In order to bring in the rest of my objects I’m going to have to sit myself down in the BVIS computer lab for a while.  I have blend shapes, and Unity alone doesn’t handle those, so I need to use the Mega-Fiers plugin that the lab computers have.  I also need to add lights, camera positions, labels, and interactivity.  I want the models to be able to be user-rotated and animation stop/start, as well as maybe the ability to hide the organs so the muscles can be seen from inside.

Update: I re-exported the image files from Mudbox as jpegs and there is no longer any transparency issues, but now the files are of low quality.  There is only an 8-bit option, and Maya wasn’t liking the tiff versions.

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