The Robotic Age

The Robotic Age

Our new chrome overlords or the engines of the future? 

Robotics has fascinated human beings for centuries. Mechanical soldiers were said to guard the Buddha’s relics in ancient India and automatons were kept in Victorian homes to entertain dinner guests. 

As we enter a new technological era, robots have moved beyond the realm of fantasy into everyday life. Robots play an essential role in the automotive and tech industry, working in assembly lines to produce many of today’s cars and electronics. In the medical field, prosthetic limbs and implants are becoming more common, as they grow in efficiency and lower in price.

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As robotics makes further strides into the future, not all people are happy. Beyond sci-fi paranoia, the fear of a job market without human labor has many low-level workers worrying about their continued employment. In truth, only time will tell what the robotic age will bring.

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