The Importance of Using Keywords and Image Descriptions with Your Images

The Importance of Using Keywords and Image Descriptions with Your Images

The Medical Illustration Sourcebook helps you reach a broader audience. Thousands of art buyers visit the site each month to browse the online version of the book and view a wide variety of medical and scientific portfolios in hopes of finding an artist to bring their next project to life. Creatives from around the world use our Specialty Search and Image Search to find certain specialties, styles, techniques or subjects.

As part of our comprehensive web + print marketing program, you have unlimited 24/7 access to upload images or animations to your Medical Illustration Sourcebook portfolio. When you upload new images you have the option of choosing Keywords, a Title, an Author, and a Description. Each one of these elements is crucial to your online exposure on


Take a look at the image above. This particular one is a great example because Emily Cooper, of Cooperhawk, gave descriptive and detailed information about her image. If an art director used our Specialty Search to find Natural History images this  would most certainly appear in the search results. However, if she had uploaded this image to her portfolio without keywords, how would creatives find her unless they were already looking for her specifically?

In addition to our Specialty Search we also have an Image Search on our homepage where one can type in a few words to search for images instead of clicking boxes for specific keywords. Here’s where the Title, Author and Description come into play.  An art buyer can easily type “T-Rex” into the Image Search and pull up all search results that have the word “T-Rex” in any of these fields. Had this artist not included these detailed descriptions, her images would also not show up in the search.

In addition, since we are ranked high with all of the major search engines, creatives may also find you through searching the web.

Now you can see why Keywords and Descriptions are so important to your online visibility on  It not only puts you out there for the world to see, but also increases your potential to be hired for a new project in your specialty.