Serving the Sophisticated patient

Serving the Sophisticated patient

 Direct to Consumer education

We’ve blogged about the importance of explaining complex ideas in simple, visually compelling ways. When it comes to bringing novel medical products to market, explaining their necessity, safety and efficacy to regulators and HPCs is essential. But once a product is on the market, there’s another integral phase on the path to mass adoption: consumer education and outreach.

The fundamentals of direct to consumer outreach has remained fairly consistent over the past decades: inform patients of the risk and benefits of a medical innovation and encourage them to discuss the option with their physicians. While the communication goals are the same, the far-reaching changes brought about by the Internet and social media have changed how these messages are communicated.

But something else has changed. Patients have matured as our digital world has expanded.  We now encounter many more sophisticated patients who expect to research, review and interact with a product or brand.

Medical Animation – More than just Molecules

Over the past twenty years patients have made it clear that they want to take a more active role in their treatment, and the medical industry has been very keen to accommodate.

Educated patients are better prepared to work with their HCPs to manage their care.

XVIVO is proud to be a part of that education process through our work developing medical animations for clients.

It has been XVIVO’s pleasure to work with medical innovators to help educate patients on what a product is, why it is needed, how it works, and how it may affect their day to day of life. An animation of this type has to be both accessible and accurate. Meeting that challenge is what inspires the XVIVO team every day.

Learn more about our work with Prevention Pharmaceuticals to educate consumers on their product Omax-3.


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