I was all packed for a family trip to North Lake Tahoe that we had been planning on taking for a couple of months when I received an email from Mat Squillante about a possible job. I had previously worked with Matt on a illustration for the SCPA. I was thrilled that someone I had worked with in the past wanted to work with me again. Although there was a catch: the deadline was one week from start to finish. After a bit of consideration, I decided that I could handle the deadline and accepted the job. I let Matt know that I would be working from Tahoe so I could at least visit with my family.  I took my work up with me to Tahoe and instead of Snowboarding, I spent my time working diligently at the cabin’s kitchen table.

I spent a lot of time communicating with Tina Posterli, riverkeeper’s Press Officer, and Mat to figure out what she was looking for and to create something that Mat could add the needed text to. Mat was great to work with and helped me out a lot along the way with the logistics.  
I also have to thank my friend Heather Baugh. I asked her for a picture of her son in a shot similar to one I found on the internet to use as reference. She went above and beyond by having her husband take posed pictures of her son in the position that I requested! What a great friend.
Reference photo of Joe Baugh with a close up of my painting:
Below is the first final color painting in Gouache on 300lb Arches Hot press:
Portrait of a Fracked New York, Riverkeeper Journal 2012
The sketch was signed off and approved but there were some changes at the last minute. I was happy to make the changes in order to make sure Tina was happy with the final product. I was also thankful that I’m good with Photoshop. Below is the final color with the digital changes:
Portrait of a Fracked New York, Riverkeeper Journal 2012
This is the final in the layout designed by Mat Squillante at Squillante Studios:
Portrait of a Fracked New York, Riverkeeper Journal 2012
Go to this link to view the publication:  http://www.riverkeeper.org/about-us/publications/the-journal/