My Yellow Boots

My Yellow Boots

Have you ever had an object or item in your life that you are deeply connected to? And with the very sight of that item you are filled with a sense of excitement? For me, it is a pair of well used, yellow rubber boots. Most would look at these boots and think nothing of them. But when I look at them I see possibility, adventure and ultimately, fun. 

You see, for the better part of the last 10 years, I have worn these boots on countless adventures, big and small. They have accompanied me to far flung destinations in multiple countries. And of course my beloved coast of Maine. I have virtually paddled the entire coast with these boots in tow. Always at the ready to keep my feet dry, out of the tidal mud and protected from abrasive rocks. I know it’s not really about the boots, but rather what I have experienced while wearing them. I find inspiration in new landscapes, and cultures. And some of the most influential moments in my life have occurred while immersed in the exploration of coastlines, foreign and familiar, surrounded by natural beauty and dear friends. One of my deepest friendships has been forged during these adventures and I am so very thankful for that. And the boots have been there for it all. I guess it comes down to memories, past and future. Moments in time that have awakened something deep inside me, things that I will never forget and will always long to experience again and again. I look at my boots and I see so much more than the heavily worn sole and faded yellow rubber. I see a history of my evolution as a person. I see growth in both knowledge and worldly experiences and most importantly I am reminded of the quality times that I have shared with quality people. Memories that are boundless and infinite.

Whenever I am sorting gear and preparing for another trip and I reach for the yellow boots, a little smile comes to my face. The potential is limitless — More fun, more adventure and more memories.

I hope everyone has a pair of “Yellow Boots” in their life.

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