Marijuana in the Modern Age

Marijuana in the Modern Age

Micrograph of a marijuana leaf glandular cells, trichomes, that secret tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Originally grown as a medicinal plant, marijuana (Cannabis sativa) has come full circle as it gains its place in the world of modern medicine for pain relief, and as an antiemetic. Patients diagnosed with cancer, HIV, glaucoma, Crohn’s Disease, and a number of other conditions claim that cannabis relieves their suffering. It is also used to control nausea induced by chemotherapy treatments.

Marijuana use does have side effects. It is proven to increase heart rate, lower blood pressure, and cause dizziness. A dangerous side effect, if you are driving, is a slower reaction time. Car accidents more than double when a driver partakes of marijuana.

Marijuana has been long-feared to be a gateway drug toward the addiction of other illegal drugs, such as cocaine or opioids. Studies are now being done to see if marijuana changes the brain to make it more likely to become addicted to other substances.

No matter which side of the marijuana debate you are on, it is a fascinating and controversial topic. Scientist, educator, photographer and now author Ted Kinsman has delved deep into this topic on the microscopic and artistic level.  His images bring to colorful life the stunning beauty of this diverse plant, showcasing the unique and bizarre details of marijuana on the microscopic level.

Cannabis: Marijuana Under The Microscope by Ted Kinsman

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