Graduate Project. Done. (Almost.)

Graduate Project. Done. (Almost.)

On Monday I finished my graduate project.  Barring any edits I’ll have to make once I give the presentation, and I’m sure there will be quite a bit of editing, my pelvic floor interactive is published as both a desktop application and a webplayer.  I spent an extra semester this summer in order to finish it, taking more project research hours and an independent study to get help with Unity, the program that uses JavaScript to create the interactivity and the final publish.  Before this project I had no idea what Unity even was, and certainly had no JavaScript experience.  But I got a good amount of assistance from one of the professors in the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at UIC with the JavaScript.

I’m waiting for approval for my paper from my research committee so I can schedule my presentation for July 19.

I’ve put the interactive as an external link on my website,  Because of the compression quality for the web, the text in the information scene is fuzzy, but overall works well.

I’m pretty satisfied with the project as a whole, though there are some things I would change if I had more time, or if I had the mental energy to devote more effort into redoing it.  I’ll be glad when I’ll be completely done with it.  Though I do plan on giving it to a local pelvic floor clinic, so I’m sure I’ll be redoing parts of it so it is acceptable for public use.

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