GEM Premier 5000 Illustrations and Diagrams for User Manuals

GEM Premier 5000 Illustrations and Diagrams for User Manuals

GEM Premier 5000 Illustrations and Diagrams for User Manuals

Instrumentation Laboratory GEM Premier 5000

These are some of the illustrations and technical diagrams we created for the Instrumentation Laboratory’s, GEM Premier 5000 Operator’s Manual and the GEM Premier 5000 Reference Manual. The GEM Premier 5000 is a blood gas analyzer.

We began work on the user manual illustrations before the analyzer went into manufacturing and actual photos did not yet exist. PDG worked closely with the ILWW engineers who provided us with sketches and SolidWorks renderings for technical accuracy. We used SolidWorks and 3DS Max software to manipulate the engineers files to create the most accurate references from the various perspectives that were required. Our team also worked with the marketing department on the overall design and illustration style to make sure the illustrations complimented the the 2 user manual layouts.

The Pridgeon Design Group created line drawings of the the GEM pemier5000 and its removable cartridge. In addition, we created technical diagrams and data presentations. There were nearly 30 illustrations across the 2 manuals, which we completed over the summer of 2015. The approval process was rigorous since it was a new product going to market, but everyone at Instrumentation Laboratory was a joy to work with. They are all extremely professional and intelligent, and its no wonder that they are such a successful company.

In addition to the user manuals we also created several corresponding 3D and After Effects animations for the marketing team. We created an animation of the GEM 5000 fluid pathways, which explained how the cartridge took blood samples and analyzed them.

Here is the 3D animation of the GEM 5000 Cartridge we created:

The Pridgeon Design Group creative team was lead by Paul Pridgeon, with the help of 3D animator Nadav Meshoulam, and illustrator, Ryan Kohler.

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