Fish and fowl, tessellation and animation

Fish and fowl, tessellation and animation

It seems like I always start on projects right before life gets busy, and this mission of creation is no exception.  This month I’ve been waiting for the Foreign Service to assign my new husband an embassy and country for us to live, and trying to finish up grad student work.  However, extracurricular art is always a good way for me to find calm, and I though I’d try my hand at some math art ala M.C. Escher.  Order and math in the midst of chaos.


First exploration is a play on planes of space.  I’ve always loved Escher’s impossible objects, where a small portion of the art is perfectly correct yet the perspective rules change from space to space.  Here each plane is a world within itself,  and all the planes work function with the planes next to them to create a larger shape, but not with the perspective of the windows.




There are only so many ways to make a tessellation, and the following is built on a triangle theme, referencing one of Escher’s works starring a bird and fish.  Once finished though, I thought it would be fun get out of the grid and let the fish come to life… hence this little animation.  Hope you enjoy!


Fish tessellation animation from Mesa Schumacher on Vimeo.


Here’s the tessellation the short was created from.  Sorry no flying bird this time!

Fish and fowl, tessellation and animation

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